A Leading Manufacturer of Shutters in Newcastle and Surrounds

Aluminium roller shutters are an incredible versatile investment. Not only can they protect your friends, family and colleagues from the harsh Australian weather , but they serve a number of other purposes, including sound insulation.

A lot of time, money and love goes into building up a home, office or retail property: unfortunately, every building runs the ill-fated risk of intrusion, burglaries and difficult weather conditions. At Sabre Shutters, we stock the most reliable shutters in Newcastle, Maitland, the Hunter Valley and beyond—a real deterrent to intruders, and a great way to protect your property against the harshest elements.

Ozroll: The Most Reliable Shutters on the Market

Ozroll Industries provide roller shutters across Australia: they are committed to producing the highest quality products, and boast the largest production plant of its kind in Australia with a team of experienced and dedicated personnel.

Ozroll products feature the innovative E-Series Drive System and can serve a number of purposes:

  • They are a great way to deter and protect your home from intruders.
  • They insulate your property during the winter months
  • They play a huge part in reducing noise production and energy consumption, cutting costs and minimizing your impact on the environment.
  • They offer some protection against bushfires
  • They protect windows and houses from damage

Whether you’re looking to invest in protection for your residential or commercial property, Ozroll are the most reliable and versatile brand on the market. Protect yourself and your loved ones from intrusion and weather damage, and trust in the Ozroll, the number one choice for shutters in Newcastle and beyond.