Frequently asked questions

Yes there are a number of benefits. If there is no eave or obstructions above the window the shutter can be fitted higher so no window is lost. The shutter works more efficiently as the air gap has increased between the glass and the shutter. In turn will increase performance of the insulation properties including noise.

Yes we service most roller shutters on houses? However we do not service industrial doors found on warehouses


Yes this possible. A conversion plate can be applied to fit the new E Port and will connect to existing wires easily

Box and guide colors are Cream, Sand, White, Black, Brown, Deep Ocean Blue, Woodland Grey and APO Grey. Curtain colors are the same plus the following colors beige,red, green. Powder coating is also available how ever this would need to be quoted.

Yes this is possible. Just give us a call and we can generally give a quote over the phone.

There are a number of determining factors and hard to give an accurate answer. However if you have dimensions of the opening we are more than happy to give you a price over the phone or via email. This of course is subject to a site measure but should be very close to the estimate.

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