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  • Rollashield Residential Flat Slat

    The Rollashield Residential Flat Slat has been designed specifically to suit the domestic roller shutter market in Australia but is also ideal with many commercial applications. The slat is roll formed in our Adelaide manufacturing facility to the highest of world standards using a German built roll forming machine which is the most advanced of its type in the world.

    The Rollashield Residential Flat slat is a double walled cavity with PU foam injected during the roll forming process. This process provides economical strength and insulation qualities while maintaining exceptional working performance of the slat.

    The flat profile is available in a wide range of colours, with profile lines on both sides offering an attractive finish from both the interior and exterior of the application.

    Features & Benefits

    • Insulation
    • Added security
    • Wide range of colours
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Reduced greenhouse emissions
    • Protection from the elements
    • Light control
    • Sound dampening